Can I Believe This? Automatic, No

Nathaniel Bassey has no clue what Christianity is about, Daddy Freeze attacks.

Nathaniel Bassey and Daddy Freeze

Controversial on-air personality, Daddy Freeze has attacked popular gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey, for praying for a woman that her husband who deserted her and left home eight years ago should return.

Bassey had prayed and prophesied during a programme, by saying: “That husband that left home for years is coming back in Jesus Name.”

Reacting to the development on his back-up Instagram page, Freeze Bassey had no clue what Christianity was about as he was not supposed to pray such prayer.

“Nathaniel Bassey doesn’t seem to have a clue what Christianity is about.

“If Christ didn’t find husbands for the two closest women to him in the scriptures; Mary and Martha and he didn’t pray for the 1st husband of the Samaritan woman in John 4:18, who had 5 previous husbands to return to her, then this is a fruitless unchristian prayer,” he said.

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