How I praised God and doubted God all in the same day

A few hours after I had praised God for answered prayer, I was questioning why I ever believed my prayers were answered.  It’s sometimes like that, isn’t it? We have our “high” and then we plummet. Then we get discouraged.

And please, don’t “correct” me with “God always answers prayers with “yes”, “no”, and “not now”. Let’s quit with the platitudes. Many Christians spout things they never even think about. They’ve heard someone else say it or they think they should say it to look “spiritual”. Jesus had a few words to say about the hypocrites who were doing the exact same thing.

Can we please quit doing that? Of course, I believe in answered prayer. I wouldn’t pray if I didn’t. But let’s also remember that God’s plans and purposes are often quite different from ours so answered or unanswered prayers isn’t even the issue at times.

I’ve studied the “greats” of…

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6 replies on “How I praised God and doubted God all in the same day”

This poses for an extremely interesting read. The idea that the both writers can both agree that modern Christianity needs to modernise to continue, but both disagree on how to do it. on one hand, we have one writer stating that we need people to be head strong and not let their environment affect them due to their connection with god; on the other hand, we are told by the other writer that if we trust in god our environment will deliver us a better life…
For me, the task of modernising Christianity is an extremely private one; one needs to find their own path in achieving unity with god. Though to be fair, it doesn’t simply apply to just Christians. We are living in a time where religious ideals are being questioned and in many cases abandoned; which makes this quest even more important.


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