Am I Free to do Whatever I Want?

I have always thought I could do things that I like or want at any time as I dim fit since I owned myself but then, I was wrong. Fine I own myself but at the same time I do not own my life.

This got me thinking as to why I do not own my life and then I realized that I AM GOD’S, CREATED BY HIM AND NOT I CREATED MYSELF, IN HIS LIKENESS AND IN HIS IMAGE. Yes, I am and He has given me the authority to Act, Rule, Dominate and Take Charge.

1Cor 6:12 says( All Things Are Lawful For Me But Not All Things Are Expedient: All Things Are Lawful To Me, But I Will Not Be Brought Under Any).

The phrase’ I am free to do whatever I want ‘appears in 4 times in the book of 1 Corinthians. See 1Cor 10:23, and each time, Paul considers it necessary to add something to the basic statement. There is something true about the statement but by itself, the statement is wrong and dangerous.

Christians are free because of their relationship with God ( Rom 8: 1-2, Gal 3:24-25). The purpose of God’s law is not to control His people, it is basically to tell them that they need Jesus to save them but after God saves a person it is now the work of the Holy Spirit to guide the person’s life.

1Cor 14:27-32 talks about the Christians in Corinth who considered themselves free, they had seen evidence that the Holy Spirit was working in their lives, but Paul insisted that they were not yet mature in their Christian lives (1Cor 3:1-3) they were doing things that they themselves wanted to do and not what God wanted them to do.

Being free to do whatever you want to do is true for the mature Christians because the Holy Spirit is leading them anyway and what they do through the help of the HOLY Spirit is always right but for the immature Christians, they may be free but they want the wrong things to be done because the leading of the Holy Spirit is not there.

As humans, we often make this mistake and it has even now become a permanent saying that for as much as am created by God, I can do anything that I like at any time because I am His child. An unbeliever will even tell it to your face, that I am created in the image of God and so I have the right to do whatever I want after all we worship the same God, forgetting that, the fact that you’re a child of God doesn’t make you a recognized child with the father, the fact that you’re created by Him doesn’t make you do anything you like, the fact that we worship the same God doesn’t make you do as you please.


Stay blessed!!!

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

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