I don’t like what is happening to me! Because I don’t see why it should be me anyway! Why must it even be me that it will happen to? Why not others? Am I so bad? Am I so a sinner? I pay my tithe even! I drop offerings! I visit homeless children! I go to church regularly! So then why me?

These are the questions a lot of people ask themselves whenever the storm shows up, even when they’re tired and fed up of asking, as no amount of answers can stop and undo the storms.


No! Storms were created in order to reshape our thinking. Storms do not just occur, it is a process which has been destined will showcase.

 Dolly Parton said and I quote, “Storms make trees take deeper roots” Have you ever had to think about how storms could make trees take deeper roots? How is that even possible? I wonder how God does that for even common trees to pass through storms which makes them take deeper roots. How much more you a human being He created in His own image?

When trees experiences storms, how do they even fight it considering the fact that they have no weapon to fight back? And most especially, they never even move an inch from where God planted them, And yet they come out stronger, they come out victoriously, their roots can spread as wide as they want, their branches are not limited, they bring forth fruits, they dominate in their area, they are not restricted, they become bigger and wider.

The storms that you experience are not to kill you neither are to destroy you nor to stop you from reaching where God has in mind for you. I want you to know that God who orchestrated trees to take deeper roots wants more than that for you. You also can take deeper roots because when storms comes, it affect every parts of your life leaving nothing untouched (see the case of Job).

When you experience storms, it is usually as if God has deserted you, God doesn’t even care for you anymore, He doesn’t even care whether you perish or not, He has left you alone, He’s not even concerned about you anymore or even seems to be asleep over your matter.

May I now tell you that God isn’t like that, He loves you so much that He wouldn’t allow anything to hurt you. Him that cares so much for the trees in the forest and even fights for them when storms comes, how much more you, He created in His own image? (Mark 4: 37-40).


 It is quite simple, trees cannot and will not have fought for themselves but one thing I do know is that THEIR FAITH do.

Have you ever wondered why the trees could take deeper roots in the presence of the storms and how they even survive the storms? That is because they recognize their maker, they rely solely on God to fight for them, they have the assurance in the one who planted them (GOD), they know they don’t need to be moved away but their faith can move for them, can conquer for them and can make them subdue.

What do you think of your FAITH, even when you have refused to move, can your faith move for you? Can it move on your behalf? And can it be enough to save you (Matt 9: 29)? That is the question you should ask yourself.

Lastly, God doesn’t require anything from you other than for you to acknowledge and reference Him as He who has the power and the ability to save and deliver you from whatever you may be going through. You’re definitely going to experience these storms but the question is, will you be able to pass through it and not the storm passing through you? Will it make you take deeper roots or thinner ones?

Remember, God who created you as a human being will not leave you to yourself all by yourself neither will He abandon you to suffer nor leave you alone in times of trouble.

Let your faith loose, send it on an errand and it will not disappoint you.


By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

7 replies on “THE STORM IN MY LIFE”

Hmm. I was reminded by this write-up that God created me as human being and he can not leave me all alone in times of trouble.
God bless you Abidemi.


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