Relationship: Little things that counts.

It was a bright day in her life as people began celebrating her. She wasn’t even happy initially about it but something changed on her inside and she felt the need to enjoy the moments while it last.

As WhatsApp messages were trooping in so was calls and text messages. Wow! Really? Do people love me this much? Am i so important? Were the questions she kept on asking herself. But one thing that spoilt the joy for her was the disappointment she felt from her very best friend whom she had thought would carry the whole world along for her sake.

But alas! It didn’t happen. Could it be that this lady didn’t know today is a special day for me? Could it be that she doesn’t like me that much to even realise i need her to scream for the whole world to know it is my big day as others are doing? Several rhetoric questions popped up in her mind but then no one to provide a single answer.

Some days later, she received a call with a strange number and then she dicided to pick up only to realize it is this friend. What exactly does she want to say? She murmured to herself! Or is it about the gift? Hell no! She said to herself! After all said and done, they both realised their mistakes but then the deed has already been done.

There was the girl still pondering about how she got shouted at. Is it now my fault? She asked herself, Definitely no! She encouraged herself. What more could she have done aside the gift? Of course whole lot!

What to be deduced…

These are random mistakes a lot of people make and go through everyday. Not realizing that for any relationship to be solid, communication has a whole lot of part to play. And that was the problems the two friends faced above. It is not just about the gift. Fine! It is equally of great importance.

What am i saying in essence?

Sometimes a phone call suffices the gifts and the material items. Not everyone is moved by them. Try as much as possible to reach people no matter your situation. It goes a long way when you put a call through to them other than the gifts. The gifts can be last anyways.

Also, don’t be quick at jumping into conclusions. What happened above could have caused a lot of disputes between them if not that the other party called. Even though she was not happy due to the fact that her friend misjudged her not finding out what the problem was. She wasn’t always like that afterall and that shouldn’t have been an issue between them.

Finally, understanding is key. I can vividly say that both of them lacked understanding. If not the mentality of you called me, or you didn’t wouldn’t have occurred. And what happened was born out of a little misunderstanding and misinformation. If both of them had carried each other along, it would have been a different case entirely.

Lesson learnt…

1. Never neglect people irrespective of your ordeal.

2. Don’t be quick at jumping into conclusions and don’t judge people with the little knowledge you have about them. Ask questions to know more.

3. Relationship is key. And in order to make it work, have an understanding spirit. Learn to take things easy and seriously when needed. Communicate regularly and there won’t be any cause for alarm.

Stay blessed!

Abidemi R.

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

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