Trust God

I looked back and back again i looked,
Only to realise I’ve gone far,
Filled my heart is an amazement,
Of how I’ve been able to survive.

A journey not so easy,
And by my strength i couldn’t have,
Scaling through equally not palatable,
But then he saw me through.

Giving up atimes crossed my path,
For a human i am, prone to it,
The flesh was weak though willing the spirit,
And still he saw me through.

Then his sayings remembered i,
Haven’t i told you, he said to me,
Only trust i asked you have in me,
Then the rest see me complete.

A lot you’re going through I’m aware,
But this one thing do for me,
Trust! Trust! Trust!
And shame he’d never put you.

Abidemi R.

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

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