3 Things to do rather than Murmuring

I’ve come again… am talking to you, yes, You reading this. 
Why are you always murmuring?

Why have you lost your faith?

You practically spend your whole time dwelling on what God is yet to do… have you taken time out of your murmuring schedule to ponder on what it means to be alive?

Have you ever thought about the grace you constantly enjoy? The air you breathe nko? If that isn’t enough to be grateful for,  come let me refer you to some places where they lack both want and need and you would see how ungrateful you’ve suddenly become.

Wait a minute, have you ever asked him and he didn’t do it for you?

You must have thought he was joking when he said you should ask, seek and knock. (Who knows)

Are you even aware that to ask begins with a desire? That asking implies that you both need and want?
Some people just tell their desires to God with hopeless minds waiting for God to perform miracles. Or probably ask for asking sake.

Are you even seeking what you’re asking for? Would you ask someone for something and have your head and hand turned another way? Is your heart lined up with what your lip is saying?

Yet! All you do is murmur. Meanwhile, you have a part to play in bringing to pass God’s agenda for your life.

🌷Have you knocked?

What’s even the motive behind your knocking?

Am sure you know that you must have a desire to ask before you knock.

It may interest you to know that if you have no will to ask, there’s no reason to knock. Without the will to seek, there’s no reason to knock.

Knocking is preceded by a will to ask and search diligently. It gives you access to what you have diligently sought.

In essence, 

Stop the murmur, it won’t take you anywhere. All you simply need to do is come before him with the brokenness of heart and accept the fact that you lack and want to receive.

You can’t go before God with an incompetent mind and expect to get something from him. Not possible!

In all your asking, seek. And in all your seeking, knock DILIGENTLY and see God changing your story.

God bless you…

©Abidemi R.

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

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