Isn’t It sad to know that your level of enthusiasm when it comes to being yourself and actually unleashing your potential in the areas that matters or that you find yourself more useful and relevant is low and all you just feel is less of importance and probably resenting the situation surrounding it?

It happens I guess. Now someone may say it largely depends on the situation.

And yes! I agree. But what do you do in a situation whereby it completely weighs you down and you just couldn’t find yourself doing what you love?

1. DON’T DWELL IN YOUR SITUATION: I know this might sound a bit too difficult but dwelling in your situation won’t change anything. It will only make you subjected to hurts, physical, emotional and psychological lockdown.

One thing I do most times is not letting my situation get to me because the more I think about it the more useless of a person I become. I’m totally rendered incapacitated and all I think about is the horrible feelings I get from the situation, hence the need not dwell in it.

2. SPEAK TO PEOPLE OF LIKE MINDS: Now you have a part to play here. Whenever you’re going through tough times, find people who can help you release those bottled up emotions. Not people who would castigate and blame you for your problems.

Not all people are meant to give you advice nor help you solve problems. But the ones you’re confident would help you, meet with them, share your burdens with them, relieve yourself of carrying such baggage and be sure to make corrections.

3. WRITE THEM DOWN: We’re totally different and of course have different preferences. And in case you’re like me who would prefer to pen down whatever am going through in a journal then come up with possible solutions from it to encourage someone rather than having to keep it to myself and hurt myself in the process. 

If it’s not going to be helpful, write them in a plain sheet of paper, present it to God asking him to take preeminence of the whole situation, fold the paper and throw in the available waste bin around.

4. LEARN TO MOVE ON:  Yes! You heard me, learn to move on. Like I said earlier, dwelling in your situation won’t change anything so that means amidst all you’re going through, be quick to soon get over it and move on.

It only shows you’re strong and resilient. The truth of the matter is that for as long as you’re alive, situations will keep coming your way but then, no shaking, it is what it is. Dust it off yourself and move on and you would see a massive change in your life.

©Abidemi R.

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.


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