Hi guys, I know it’s been long you heard from Harbidemy’s blog last but today I have good news for you.

By the way, thanks for stopping by to read my previous post. I love you all❤

So today we’re going to be talking about… ok just follow my story🤗


Lady: Do you remember what transpired between both of us last month?

Man: What are you talking about?

Lady: The last time you came visiting me.

Man: Oh yeah! I remember, that we both had s*x.

Lady: Yes! So I’m pregnant.

Man: Pregn…. What?

Lady: I am pregnant!

Man: Confused… ok so what are we going to do about it?

Lady: About what? Didn’t you promise me marriage?

Man: Well yes, I know but I am not ready for any marriage now. I can’t even start committing to any responsibility at the moment.

Lady: Oh wow! Now you know you are not ready? 

Man: It’s not what you think but you know what? Let’s do it this way… 

… And the man went on and on placing curses on himself if he refuses to marry her just to get rid of her from his presence as she was about to implicate him and he eventually ended up not marrying her. He went ahead to marry another woman and lo and behold, the marriage didn’t last 3years, everything he has crumbled at his face and his wife also died.

It was later revealed that those curses he placed then through the words of his mouth was what came back huntng him.


What words have you pronounced all in the name of few minutes satisfaction that is already manifesting in your life?

What words have you uttered knowingly and unknowingly to your detriment and is about to start manifesting in your life?



Words they say is very powerful and indeed have creative power. But this seems to have been forgotten by a lot of people out there. We speak the word with so much oblivion not minding its abilities.

Could it be that we soon forgot the same word was used in the creation of the world? Could it be that we just feel it is not a crucial aspect of our lives? Or could it be that we lack regard for its efficacy? That we just utter words without even remembering our words carries power.

We make promises through the word we speak yet unable to fulfil those promises. The angels passing at the very minute of uttering those words gets hold of the words and seal it with the utmost regard for it to be acted upon but most times we soon forget to fulfil them and even atimes we are incapacitated to fulfil our promises not minding the consequences that hover around it.

If you are not sure of what you can do why then make promises? You obviously know that anything can happen yet you go ahead and make pointless promises that you obviously won’t fulfil.


How about certain words we speak to our lives knowingly and unknowingly? Do we say we hate ourselves to speak such words? Do we say we don’t like who we’re to utter such words? Or do we say because God hasn’t created us well to warrant such repugnant words?

Because you’re yet to find a suitor, you then begin saying negative words not realising you’re actually decreeing negatively into your life. You’re married but yet to conceive and then what’s next is to begin lambasting God for creating you in the first place.


This has to stop, you can’t continue like that. Stop making promises that you obviously know you won’t be able to fulfil to your detriment.

No one cares about the consequences with you. Only you are left alone to bear your cross even though they were there with you while making those promises.

Haven’t you heard that “never promised is better than failed promise”?

Be careful what you say with your mouth, the words of your mouth has the ability to make or mar you so choose wisely.

©Abidemi R. [Dhemy_writes]

Making impact in life is my utmost concern.

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

12 replies on “THE WORDS OF MY MOUTH”

,I strongly agree with you z in fact I am super excited you wrote this, since I was a kid my mum made me understand the power of words and guess what GOD also made me understand in a way I’ll never forget (I was about 8 years old),
My mum is late now but she would never in any mood call or say anything negative, instead in her anger she would alternate insult for blessing. Even in jokes am really conscious, as for promise I hate promise and fail so subconsciously I commit myself never to break any, if I can’t do it I can’t make a promise and if I do I make serious effort to fulfill it.
Am really really excited to read this this morning 😁


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