Is your Spiritual antenna awake?

Hello guys,

Trust your night was awesome?

So it was a morning devotion today which was our daily routine and I tell you, I heard something new.

All my life I’ve always known that the subject of prayer isn’t something to joke with if we as Christians wants to really go deep with God and in God.

Sometimes I get to wonder if it’s only in Nigeria such thing happens or everywhere and till now I haven’t been able to draw out my conclusions as my findings are still ongoing.

What really happened?

So there was this woman who had a son and got married to a fine sister. This woman was so caring that when her daughter in law got pregnant she went to stay with her. All over the universe, women deliver of their babies after the ninth month but that wasn’t the case with this young lady.

After her ninth month of pregnancy, she was due for conceiving but she wouldn’t just enter into labour.

12months gone, turned to 2years, 5years and lo and behold, 12 good years. I know what’s running through your mind right now but, Hmm! Let’s not say it now.

It was after 12years she received her deliverance.


Before the completion of 12years, this mother in law has been a fantastic woman, always taking her to one Church or the other but this same woman would always stand in the way of her prayers been answered. But this last time took the cake and you know what? POWER SUPERCEDE POWER! 😆. The Holy Spirit revealed to this pastor what her charm abomination is and the pastor used it on her.

Oh my Jesus, What a wicked world!



You held down your daughter in law from conceiving all because you don’t want your son to get married being your only son? Who does that please?

And I thought within myself, this call for a reawakening in the body of Christ. We can’t continue like this. When things like this are happening to us, we shouldn’t suffer for long all in the name of ignorance. All because Jesus didn’t come down to tell us one man or woman is against our lives hence the need to start praying.

This world that we’re in calls for our spiritual alerts but we don’t seem to see that as a fundamental aspect of our lives.

Someone might say, it’s for the glory of God to be made manifest in our lives. Yes! Agreed, but we die in silence, in ignorance than expected.

Please watever you feel can be done please share your view(s) in our comment section. Waiting to hear from you🤗



Making impact in life is my concern.

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