October 17: Happy birthday to my Dad.

Happy birthday dad

On this day, many years ago

A wonderful man was born

This man, my hero

Who did everything he can

To make me the person that I am

I looked to you for guidance,

For a gentle guiding hand,

You gave the best example,

Of what it is to be a man.

You shelter and protect me

You always showed you care,

So today I want to thank you,

For always being there.

You’re hilariously funny

And brilliantly clever

My biggest role model

In all of my endeavours

I’m so glad to have someone like you 

That I can look up to

And count on, no matter what.

Happy birthday daddy

You will live long

You shall continue to prosper

You will not cry over me and my siblings.

It is well with you and all that concerns you

In the name of Jesus.

I love you.

I love you dad


By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

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