Are you Consistent?

One thing I lack in all my life that I’ve been in existence is CONSISTENCY. I really do not have what it takes to measure up to it or at least emulate it. This is something I’ve tried practicing but it just wouldn’t work. I see it working for people or should I say I’ve seen people demonstrating it and it does nothing than leave me in awe. I’ve actually paid people to teach me or rather try inculcate the habit in me but it wouldn’t work. I could remember when I wanted to open this blog so I could daily share my thoughts and experience with people but someone walked up to me and say, are you sure you would be consistent? And it got me thinking for weeks if I would really be consistent. But then I didn’t mind what my head was saying to me because deep down my heart I knew I truly wouldn’t. And yes, to confirm those words that was said to me and what my head began suggesting, few months after I had opened the blog, it’s either I would post twice a month or not posting anything at all. It went on like that, that I didn’t even realised my blog was supposed to be celebrated at one year anniversary in January only for me to realise few months back that i didn’t. Still I didn’t care up until last month and then I decided to challenge myself by making sure I write everyday, at least by then I would be able to share whatever I’ve written and since then it’s been working for me that if i don’t post in any i won’t be myself and thanks be to God because sometimes, get to post three times a day. I am not sharing my thoughts to praise myself, I just want to encourage someone out there reading this piece that you can still be consistent at whatever good thing you do and get positive results. Don’t relent, keep moving. You need movement to get to your next level. And at the end of the day, you will realise it pays to take that step so you wouldn’t be stagnant.

Thanks for reading❤🤗

©Abidemi Alabi

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

4 replies on “Are you Consistent?”

I’ve learned that when people tell me of continued failure in establishing continuity it’s only because they are not focusing on what they truly want to do. You can work your whole life on what your heart doesn’t want and continuity will be very sporadic.. I have free download you might like for a calendar workbook. Try it if you feel inclined, I added it to my lasted post today for the fun of giving..


OMG you spoke to me 😣, mine is designing or drawing, am not as consistent as I was before lockdown 🤦🏽‍♂️ , thanks I feel challenged and a need for change.

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