My Relationship with People.

I decided to go to the bank yesterday to reissue a new pin for my atm card and due to the situation of the world at large months back, the covid-19, banks has been operating on a social distancing so all its customers would have to wait outside and get a serial number before you can enter into the banking hall with only five persons simultaneously. So it was my turn and then I entered but couldn’t wait for the long que I met at the customer centre so i decided to take my leave and probably come back the next day as i had another outing to perform. And then this security guy has been a good friend due to how i had channelled our relationship. No string attached I guess, haha. So upon returning outside, he saw me and then asked what the problem was and then I narrated all to him and he explained all i was to do. Ok! Let’s go there but still i would have to come back tomorrow, i had said to him but to my surprise he told me to go back inside and mention his name to one of the front liner which of course he gave me his name as well, and I simply obeyed, and that was it!

What am i saying in essence?

Relationship is very important so keep it important as well.

If i didn’t know that guy there was no how i could have been so lucky enough not to come back the next day. And mind you, i didn’t bribe him, he just assisted me! Like he would to any of his good family members.

Don’t belittle anybody, you never can tell when you would need their help no matter how little.

Yes! You heard me, don’t look down on anybody. That day when he was trying to be my friend If i had shut him out and acted like i owned heaven on earth, the day for him to use his connection on my behalf wouldn’t have come into existence. 

Have a character that attracts people to want to be a part of your life and not the otherwise.

Some of us have that habit that is so unattracting to people who are supposed to be our helpers. We virtually chase everyone from ourselves till we chase our destiny helpers. You never can tell how your destiny helper looks like hence the need to treat everyone right. Sometimes your destiny helpers doesn’t have to be the one to help you financially, they might be the one to lead you to the ones who would lift you up financially so be very careful.

Never try to form bond with only the people above you or in your caliber, those below you can as well be good to you in ways you least expected.

I find this tip more important. Yes! Because in this century that we’re in, we tend to form bonds with only the people in our caliber. Every live matters, remember? If the people above you that you like to relate with decided you’re too beneath and refused to form bonds with you in return, what would you do? Besides they didn’t see you as some sort of a low life yet they accommodated you so who are you to disregard others? 

And lastly,

Obedience is key in every relationship. Learn to listen to people and obey them no matter their status.

Wow! Obedience. To obey someone commanding you regardless of how they portray themselves. This is deep but how many of us can actually do it? It takes only a second to miss an opportunity and only a second as well to maximise profit from an opportunity. Learn to obey people in as much as they are humans and sane. And there is even wisdom in the speech of an insane man if only you can detect it. If i had disobeyed this security guy due to his status I wouldn’t have gotten a quick solution to my problems. 

God can use anybody for you. Don’t scare people away from yourself all because you’re well to do than them. Treat people equally and all shall fall in place for you.

Stay blessed and thanks for stopping by❤🤗

Abidemi Alabi 

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

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