Living the God-kind of Life.

Sometimes I have mixed feelings of God. A time that I would wish He was soft and gentle and temper justice with kindness and then another time that I would wish He was harsh and impatient.

Don’t misunderstand me, I know God can be both at the same time towards certain children of His that decides to disobey Him. And one thing I’ve come to realise is that we tend to take His person for granted all because He’s not visible to us. We behave as we like and want forgetting He’s closer than we thought. Certain things we can’t do to our earthly parents are what we do to him yet He says nothing. Doesn’t that kill faster than a deadly poison? Yet He still loves us.

Frankly speaking, I usually feels He could just you know come down or probably give us a slap on the cheeks whenever we utter unheard words about Him but i guess He isn’t that kind of a father to us.

Without doubt, I’ve seen someone that did something so terrible to another person and then I was like, God! Can’t you just punish this guy right here and now? What if he does something more terrible, would you rather sit up there watching him? But he said nothing. I felt pained and bittered as to why God delays His vengeance but one day He made me realise that if He had started with us on that note, then virtually everyone of us would have been wiped off and I said to myself that I myself ain’t any different. It is just by the grace of God.

To live a life of no blemish, to live a life God wants for us is without doubt by His grace and mercy. We do things that we actually didn’t wanna do but after its done its becomes irrepairable. Even Paul warred with this for years so who are we? But i know and believe that we can make a big difference. God is kind and patient enough to disregard our past mistakes and give us the chance to move on without condemning us. Let us make use of this grace without disgracing it and the one who gives us. Life can be tough which I’m very much aware of but with the help of God and the Holy Spirit, we can scale through.

Stay blessed and thanks for stopping by❤🤗

Abidemi Alabi

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

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