The Appointed Time.

It’s yet another beautiful morning!

Yes! I said that and another opportunity in your life. Time may seem to be going, you may seem to be lagging behind, all hopes may have shut themselves against you, it might look as if you’re a laid-back person. Yea, I understand that you don’t have the time. I understand that you don’t have much time. I understand that you don’t have the capital to start that business of yours. I know that you have an idea of what to do with your life but confused how to begin. I Know you don’t have anyone to help you. I know people think of you as someone not to be helped. Oh! you’re probably going through all of these? Ok! Maybe your case is just one of these. Fine! Yours is few of them. Great! Whether all, few or one, it still gives you concern in your life.

As such, I’ve come to give you hope this morning. I’ve come to tell you today that, those problems will fade away. That it just a matter of TIME. You can’t die in it! You won’t suffer for nothing! God is set to do something about it! Because your appointed time has come! You have been mocked with your marital bliss, you have been mocked with unfruitfulness in your marriage, you have been mocked with joblessness but i tell you that there’s a time with God that seems late with man and that time is now! You’ve tarried long in that shame, mockery and reproach but yes! Your time is Now! Don’t cry no more! Don’t weep no more! Because God is ready to fight for you and then you will hold your peace.

Thanks for stopping by🤗❤

Abidemi Alabi

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

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