Is God in My Decision?

Dear LADY… 

Find your purpose before waiting for a man to find you! 

Find your place and assignment in Christ and begin to walk in it!

Marry a man who is going SOMEWHERE and not just anywhere!

Marry a man who is passionate about the God you carry! 

Marry a man who can and will help you fulfil purpose and destiny!

Marry a man who will not shut your voice in the place of destiny! 

Marry a man who will not extinguish but be a catalyst to the fire you carry! 

Marry a man who is not intimidated by what God is doing in and through your life.

Above all, marry a man whose focus is HEAVEN!

May the Lord grant you understanding.


So I was going through my Facebook timeline and then I stumbled upon this piece, DEAR LADY. It deeply ministered to me because as a young girl that I am, I never really understood what it means the whole time that I had been asked a question like, what would I want my future husband to look like? I mean, I had always answered this question based on my own intelligence with respect to his physical features even though there’s a little bit of spirituality in it.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve always prayed for a more spiritual than I am husband but at the same time, his physical appearance matters too. Lol.

And upon seeing this, my orientation changed completely.

I know its funny but most people have made this mistake and I tell you, they’re paying dearly for it. Truth be told, I’ve learnt one or two lessons from my initial mentality. 

Sometimes we feel we know it all whereas we know absolute nothing.

Sometimes we feel we know what we want, meanwhile we don’t.

Sometimes we try to tell God what we want for ourselves, in our lives, in our marriages and even the genda of the baby we want first and there, is God saying no, have it this way.

Many times we have so much envisaged what we want with our lives and then God comes with a different plan entirely. 


Learn to hear from God for your life and everything that concerns it.

God is not a respecter of persons and so you should learn to respect him in your decisions.

I understand that He gives us the desires of our hearts but don’t be deceived as He won’t give you sometimes cause of the selfishness attached to those desires.

Even David enquired of the Lord before God told him to pursue and that he would overtake and recover all. So you also, learn to enquire of God whatsoever you want to do.

In your decisions concerning your life, make sure you understand what you’re doing before taking them and be prayerful as well. Don’t leave God out of it because when your decisions bounces back on you, it is still God you would run back to so instead of acknowledging God when your decisions fail you, why not acknowledge him in the process of taking those decisions and see him coming through for you.

And most especially, pray always to get the best out of the best. God’s plans for your life surpasses all understanding even your own understanding for he knows the thought that he thinks towards you, thought of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end.


Stay blessed and thanks for stopping by❤🤗

Abidemi Alabi

By Harbidemy's blog

Abidemi Alabi is a writer, quotes creator, content creator, poet and a blogger whose purpose is inspiring and motivating people.

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